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During the lessons, both Aria and Kaya have the opportunity to cast any spells they know. On each of the six days of a lesson, when they throw all their dice, they will cast the spell that corresponds with the faces on their three starter dice—one that is their own, one from their teacher, and one from the room in which the lesson takes place—if they have learned that spell during learning. Spells can have various helpful effects:

  • Spirit generation: some spells directly generate additional spirit from the dice.
  • Spirit alteration: some spells increase the spirit generated through other means on that day, or change the spirit to a certain type. They may also change spirit generated earlier to different types, or move spirit between the girls.
  • Dice creation: some spells create new dice or copy dice that already exist. Such new dice are colored like the original dice of each girl (red for Aria; blue for Kaya), but with less saturation; they do not contribute to spell casting in subsequent days of the week.
  • Dice alteration: some spells change the faces on the dice in play, or increase the spirit gain on dice for the rest of the week.
  • Object creation: some spells create objects onto the screen that interact with dice that come in contact with them for the rest of the lesson (or, in the case of some objects, until they break).

Some spells are shared between the girls and can thus be cast by either one of them. Other spells, particularly stronger spells that can be learned later in the game, are unique to either Aria or Kaya. The same combination of die faces can correspond to a different spell to the different girls.

For a list of spells, see the dedicated pages for Aria's spells and Kaya's spells.